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“Me too! Me too!”


“Me too, me too!”

Maria do Carmois a typical riverside person, who lives on the edge of the Rio Muruquara/PA. Married, mother of four children, they live off of fishing, açaí and some hunting. Her husband has a skin sickness that, many times makes work impossible, and she has a mental limitation as a result of post birth depression.

Maria do Carmo always receives us with joy and listens to the Word of God attentively. Some months ago she and her son, Fábio, decided to follow Jesus. Fábio soon showed conviction of faith, but we had doubts about Maria do Carmo.

Recently, we took another missionary to visit them and I told him that Fábio had accepted Jesus. Right then, Maria do Carmo said, enthusiastically, from the other side of the room: “Me too, me too! ”This makes us remember that ‘the Gospel is the power of God for the salvation to everyone who believes’.

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