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Mission news from Brasil

In November, EMAF field leaders held a four-day retreat, evaluating the activities that took place in 2021 and planning for the coming years. In communion, the whole time was permeated with the Word that strengthened us and renewed our faith, hope and love.

It was worth the while not turning back but continuing with the mission of Making Christ Known. The emergency actions of the pandemic were a manifestation of the Love of God and brought Glory to His Name. Amid so many battles and apparent defeats, God brought strategic partnerships that were more efficient than we had purposed in the previous plans, new workers for the team, new converts, new temples, new joys.

Our faith was increased and we know that in any difficulty, we can pray and be at peace, because God already has the answer and provides, according to the riches of His Grace.

In the Lord our hope was not frustrated. Even when plans suffered delay, we saw that the timing was perfect according to the Lord; despite the thorns, we reached the fruit and immeasurable joy was given to us, being instruments of the Sovereign used to take hope to the most vulnerable. There is more hope for the Riverside folk when each missionary has been there.

Once more EMAF missionaries proved themselves to be warriors, firmly on the front line. ‘Because we are not those who draw back’ (Hb10:39) has been declared with their lives, not because they are strong, but because they are strengthened by Christ in their weakness.

You too have been an inspiration to all of us. We thank you for your faithful and zealous contribution. We praise the Lord for your life, and for being an instrument of God in supplying the fields. The love of God, poured into our hearts, unites us and impells us to go forth in the Mission, as disciples of Christ, called to be with Him, and recruited by Him to fish the fishermen and the Riverside Folk.

We want to honour our workers with an extra offering this Christmas. Our joy will be to give them a special time of celebration with family and a well stocked end of year. For this we need your help. Donate!

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