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Mission news from Brasil

Bailique/AP is a cluster of islands, made up of eight islands, and more than fifty communities. For eight years, the region has experienced a rising spiral, with projects and schools bringing about a prosperous cycle, but some natural and human factors have occurred that unleashed another reality, generating a rural exodus, with 25% of the population migrating to other regions, difficulties with health and education, lack of electricity, unhealthiness, strong erosions, among other factors, that discouraged the inhabitants and comerce.

Facing this sad reality, the EMAF base at Bailique has multiplied efforts, together with partnering organizations, volunteers and a local team of missionaries (80% natives), facing great geographical and adverse climatical characteristics, in the “sea of sweet water”.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, we have gone ahead at full speed, crying out for the salvation of the riverside folk and helping them with their basic needs, caring fulltime for the fishermen/riverside folk.

In two years, four churches were planted and preaching points were opened. The ministry goes forth with evangelism, discipleship and weekly visits. Besides this, impact teams, working in the field and also strengthening the faith of the new brothers.

Relevant social projects, like Sweet Home (education), First Aid (donation of food, drinking water) and Health & Life (free assistance by volunteer health professionals), making a significant contribution to ease the suffering of our people and bringing a practical message of Hope and Love of God.

Jesus’s request that we pray to the Father to send more workers is a reality, even today, so that we can avoid the cry described by the prophet, “The Harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved!...” (Jeremiah 8.20).

Thank you so much for staying on board with us in this noble mission – Taking Light to the Fishermen and Riverside Folk. May the LORD fill you to overflowing with His joy.

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