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Mission News From Brazil

We began the New Year on the calendar, but are living the same situation as the old year, facing the pandemic and its uncertainties; plans A and B, not knowing when we will be back to ‘normal’. This all affects our personal life, family, community and ministry. In the EMAF Fields, the actions are happening according to the possibilities of each area. In some places, with more flexibility of isolation, returning to presencial activities.


The pandemic reached exceedingly high levels in the region. With lack of structure in health, and reflections of corruption in the state, the people are needy. We are having a campaign to raise donations of oxygen cylinders and food for the region of Parintins and Purus. The cost of these actions is high. One minute of oxygen costs, on average, R$13,00 to reach the remote regions. God has moved His people and met the needs.


The restrictions due to the pandemic, continue rigorously in the region of Ariri. The church continues active in the Community, but without being able to go to other villages. We have taken advantage of this time to finish the constructions in process.


We finished the construction of the multifunctional temple in the Community of Passarinho. Regis and Marta, native missionaries, are leading the ministry to plant a church in the village and we plan, still this year, to initiate the My Little Fish Project to assist the local children.


At Bailique we acquired a court for sports and started the Project Aces for Life, with children and adolescents, out in the open air. This is very important at the moment in which the little ones are hankering to be on the streets and our missionaries can care for them, teaching them the way in which they should go.


The work doubled in the West of Maranhão. Besides Turiaçu, our team is working in the region of Santo Inácio. We are awaiting the arrival of a new missionary couple, at the beginning of the first semestre, summing forces for the expansion of the Gospel. Partnerships with churches and seminaries are very important to levarage this endeavor. Please, pray the Lord will send workers to this field.

“Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common. (Acts 2.44). This was vital for the church to overcome the challenges and bear the terrible days. Live this love from On High with us, caring for each other, ready and united, going forth in the fulfilment of the Mission.

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