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Mission News from Brazil

We finished the first trimester/2021!

Thanks to your partnership, with your offerings and prayers supporting our actions, we were able to bring 170 cyllinders of oxygen and 6.432 basic food baskets to the Riverside folk of the Amazon, in answer to the colapse of health in the Amazon and the floods at Boca do Acre. Besides this, in all the areas, we are building multifunctional areas for the expansion of the ministry, in ten different villages, where we already have a church planted.

Yes... Time flies! But we fly as well! Or better still, we sail. Look at this:

Did you know that it is necessary to travel 40.075 kms to go around the world? It is an incredible adventure!

With EMAF it happens on one journey, even more radically, with a very special purpose: 77 missionaries and 700 volunteers should travel more than 210.000 Kms this year, travelling through channels of the sea, rivers and bayous, and in many cases hiking through forests and swamps in order to reach and serve the hundreds of communities among the artesian fishermen along the sea coast and rivers of the Amazon.

This month in which EMAF celebrates its 35th year, we invite you to take part in this voyage with a special birthday offering, besides your regular contribution.

We estimate that 35 thousand litres of fuel will be used, worth a total of R$ 180.160,00 to move 27 boats, 03 cars, 03 pick-ups 4x4, 02 motorcycles and 03 quadricycles during this missionary crossing, in an effort to make Christ known, loved and adored.

Thank you so much for taking part in this missionary crossing, side by side with us. Without your partnership, we would not be able to go far. May God renew your strength each day.

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