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Mission News From Brazil

The pandemic has brought changes in ways to relate and to communicate. However, our focus in Making Christ Known, has served to direct us, in the midst of uncertainty, to go forward to more remote places, taking Light and Hope, relieving pain, hunger and, mainly, thirst for God! Even with the pandemic, blackouts, and other difficulties faced by EMAF Amapá/Pará, we keep going forward by Grace, and for the Glory of God.

At the Bailique/AP cluster, we inaugurated a church in the Community of Freguesia. The first journey to Freguesia was in October/2008. Difficulties of access, strong tides, entrance and exit only at high tide, delayed the discipling. Now we have the serious factor of the “pororoca” – when the Amazon river and the sea meet, in such great intensity, causing huge and strong waves, a terror of the Riverside folk and adrenaline for the surfers.

At the Marajó/PA cluster, we stepped, for the first time, in São Joaquim Novo, belonging to the municipality of Chaves.Two brothers who had held meetings in the village went with us. We went on to Afuá in a”catraia”, a regional boat made of wood. We were caught in a strong tide. The waves rocked the boat so much we thought we would sink. While the missionaries took turns piloting and keeping the boat dry (taking out the water that was in the boat with an improvised bowl), the others would call out and praise, “With Christ in the boat all is well!” And it did go well! We arrived safely, all praise to God, and were able to deliver the message of Hope.

The sports Project, Aces for Life, in Afuá, continues to go forward within the restriction of the pandemic and has spread to Bailique. Now, the young people of Vila Progresso are also being trained to play soccer and in the Word of God.

Sweet Home continues offering opportunities for educational development to the Riverside children, with much caution and creativity from our team, in these days of pandemic.

The ministry along the Urucum river, in partnership with the Reviver de Macapá Community, has shown a strengthening in the perseverance and firmness of our missionary team of Afuá, and the volunteer brothers of Reviver who, systematically, minister to the families of Urucum, strengthening the incipient church planted there

Praise God and pray for these challenges: Inauguration of the church at Freguesia; preaching point at São Joaquim, and the construction of the church; leadership training; physical and emotional health of the workers; and resources for the maintenance of the workers and the essential projects.

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