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Mission News From Brazil

June was an intense month for the EMAF missionary mobilization. We praise the LORD for His sons and their commitment with the Mission.

Many brothers joined in intercession for the folk who live on the islands along the Brazilian coast and margins of the rivers in the Amazon, and for the expansion of the Kingdom of God in these remote communities. We pray, daily, for the specific needs of all these EMAF areas and praise the Eternal for His powerful works. On the 29th June – National Day of Intercession For the Fishermen and Riverside People, we spent the whole day united in prayer, ending the day with a beautiful celebration in honour of Jesus – The Greatest of all Fishermen.

Our missionaries met with the youth, for three days, sharing voluntary missionary experiences, mobilizing and engaging ministry. We had 133 young people registered, from various states, and we believe that many of them accepted and confirmed their commitment to serve the Lord at all times.

Mobilizers and missionaries were in various churches, in person, or on-line, sharing the reality of the mission field, ministering the Word and encouraging brothers to remain firm in the their commitment to the Great Commission.

We give Glory to the Lord for all the benefits He has accomplished and for uniting you and many brothers in the purpose of Making Christ Known among the artesian fishermen and Riverside folk of Brazil. Thank you so much for your gifts, prayers and support so we can go forward.

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