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More lives being reached and giving themselves to Christ, more conversions and baptisms


Close to 4.000 people live isolated on the islands of the Delta do Parnaíba, spread among eight communities, made up mostly of fishermen and crab hunters. Today we have the privilege of sharing the Gospel of Christ with all of them. This advance happens through the union of peole who pray and contribute with fourteen native converted missionaries, trained and able to work in the process of planting churches, to which they dedicate themselves exclusively.

This people suffer for lack of quality water. EMAF works to decrease this need. Two more semi-artesian wells were donated to the two communities: Passarinho and Papagaio. At Passarinho the water is good and crystal clear and the people were so grateful and open to hearing the Gospel that was presented in a practical way. At Papagaio, after two attempts to dig in two different localities, the water encountered was saline. It is hard to see the tears in the eyes of the inhabitants, sad with the result, but grateful to see that we do not measure efforts to help them. Now we are working on building tanks in their houses, to accumulate the rain water, in winter. Through the goodness of God, we have six semi-artesian wells generating good water in six different communities.

The My Little Fish, at Torto and Caiçara, attend daily to 90 children between the ages of 04 and 13 years, with tutoring, teaching of the Word, notions of hygiene, and food. In 2020 we plan to initiate this work on Ilha Grande dos Paulinos. A base is being built with this purpose and it will also serve for meetings and church gatherings.

We are forming a health team and already have three dentists. Professionals of other specialities have shown a desire to join this group with the purpose of serving. Health actions are always very precious in these communities.

The result of these efforts are more lives being reached and giving themselves to Christ, more conversions and baptisms. This semestre there were three baptisms.

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samariam,, and to the end of the Earth".

Acts 1.8

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