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Opener of doors


My name is Sebastião, but I am known by everyone as ‘Peixinho’ (Little fish). I was born and was brought up in a community on the Purus river. As a typical citizen of the Amazon, I know all about the Riverside acquatic life: fishing, boat, wood and rubber tree, and I know all about the changes of the long and winding river.

With little more than twenty years of age, I married the most beautiful woman I have ever known - Dona Graça. The years have gone by and we had children. When the children grew up, I began to worry about their education. With courage and determination, I took my family and we moved to Lábrea, a small town beside the Purus river. Those were difficult years, with many battles, but I was able to work at a gas station to support the family and provide education for my children. Slowly, we built our own house, with much care, of wood, typically Riverside style, on the skirts of the town. But the great miracle, the great trasnformation of our family, was when I, my wife and my children came to know Christ.

(In the photo, Mr. Peixinho dressed in the ‘commandante’ shirt with the symbol of EMAF, which he asked to have made.)

EMAF has been in Lábrea for three years, to evangelize the Riverside folk. My son, Jesus, cooperating with missionaries, George and Gizelle, piloted a boat on the long trips, fifteen days, to the distant communities. When he couldn’t continue travelling because of work, Jesus suggested that the couple invite me to pilot in his place. I accepted without thinking twice.

Right on the first trip it was already clear to me that this partnership had come from Heaven. I know the Purus like the palm of my hand and I know the communities well. God has used me, and I seek to give the best of me. The missionaries say tha I am an ‘opener of doors’. George and I are violinists and we play together in the praise meetings, attracting people of the Community to hear the Good News.

For many years I prayed because I wanted to take the message of God to my people, but as I am illiterate, I did not know how I would do this. Now God is bringing this dream to reality, through EMAF, and I am very, very happy!”

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