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June 29 –National Day of Intercession For the Fishing and Riverside Communities


On the Amazon

1 - Resources for the construction of a mission home at Várzea Grande, for more EMAF Bases on the Purus. And for the construction of an office for EMAF AM at Lábrea.

2 - A missionary couple for the region of Várzea Grande and more missionaries for the team at the base in Canutama.

3 - Adaptation of the couple Ted/Juliana, recently arrived in Lábrea, and the move of Diogo/Juliana who will arrive in July.

4 - Action of a ‘Teen’ team from Rio do Sul/SC, from 15 to 26/07, in Lábrea. May they be blessed and be a blessing!

5 - Training for native leaders and missionaries: Haggai, first week of July, and World Link, last week.

6 - May the new converts of Marahã, Bom Futuro and Pupuri be discipled with excellence and be instruments of God to reach other communities.


7 - Pr. Raí and Cláudia, missionaries on the Ilha Santa Bárbara; for the health of their daughters Raquel (1) and Esther (3).

8 - Strengthening of the church on the Ilha Santa Bárbara; conviction of faith and the witness of other converts.

9 - Pr. Reinaldo and Márcia; wisdom and boldness in the direction and expansion of the field, protection and direction of the Lord in the lives of their children, Esther, Thomas and Sarah.

10 - New labourers to work on the west coast of Maranhão, couples and singles. There are more than thirty communities without the presence of the Gospel..

11 - Partnership of EMAF MA with the First Baptist Church São Luiz, Baptist Church Monte Castelo and the Baptist Church Farol at the organization of the Baptist Church Ilha Santa Bárbara.

12 - New intercessors and supporters for EMAF MA.


13 - Planting of churches, with firm foundations, along the rivers that we have visited in the cluster of Marajó and Bailique.

14 - May God open doors and direct us to new rivers, to places that are totally needy of the Gospel.

15 - More missionary families ready to evangelize among the riverside folk of Amapá and Pará and for qualification of more native leaders.

16 - More supporters for the investment in planting of churches, supplying needs of combustion, vehicles, maintenance, social support and construction.

17 - May EMAF have effective Christian relevance in combating prostitution and infant abuse, alcoholism and drugs..

18 - Developiment the children and youth of ‘Sweet Home’, and for their salvation, and the salvation of their families.


19 -Strengthening and growth of the church at Caiçara.

20 - Financial support for missionaries Júlio and Lucas.

21 - May the children of My Little Fish have a true encounter with Christ and that the Gospel will reach their families..

22 - Construction of the Mission Base on Ilha Grande dos Paulinos.

23 - More teams of volunteers cooperating with the proclamation of the Gospel..

24 - For the strengthening of the 11 missionaries on the field.

São Paulo

25 - People of the extreme south of São Paulo: eternal salvation for the families and continued access to good health.

26 – Outreach of ‘Craques para a Vida’ (Stars for Life) among the youth, envisioning the transmission of good values through the practice of sport..

27 - Eternal fruit at ‘Sonhar e Realizar (Dream and Accomplish)’, that unites women in a living space and art workshop, at Ariri.

28 - Strengthening of the church leadership at Ariri and another couple of missionaries to serve in the region.

29 - Financial resources for construction: garage for boats, cafeteria and a shed for the installation of the beneficial unit for the fishermen..

30 Spiritual growth and testimony of the new converts.

As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25.25

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