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Puba Flour


Something very much appreciated by the inhabitants of the islands of the Delta do Parnaíba is “puba flour”.

Puba flour is produced, and crafted, during an event called ”farinhada”, a process that includes the whole family, and begins a year before with the planting of manioc.

At the right time, the men collect the manioc and the women rest. The manioc is peeled and placed in a tank of water where it is left to soak for 48 hours. Afterwards, still humid, it is ground, in an improvised homemade machine. With a press all the water is removed from the manioc mass, and next it is sifted and baked in a wood stove. This is the part that requires more strength because it is in the oven for about 2 hours without being mixed, so the younger men are chosen for this mission.

This whole process is showered with coffee, tapioca, baked fish, smiles and communion.

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