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Solace and direction


I am 70 years old, widow, mother of thirteen children, four single ones still live with me. I earn money cleaning terrain for people, fishing for oysters and clams and I raise chickens. I live in a fishing community in Paraná, and always liked planting herbs and making teas for the sick. People began to ask if I would bless their children, and so, very early, I became the witch doctor of the community.

One day I woke up in anguish because of a nightmare I had with my brother, who had died two months before, saying that I was in a place of torment. I decided to visit some EMAF missionaries nearby, with my youngest child of 9, and asked them to pray for my brother.

The missionary told me it was not possible to do anything for him, but there was still help for me and my children. He said that he had great respect for me, as I was old enough to be his mother, but that he had some bad news for me. He picked up his Bible and called my daughter to confirm the passage being read, since I did not know how to read. Deuteronomy 18.9-13. I became very frightened!

I never imagined that these things were written in the Word of God. I never wanted to displease my Creator. I repented of my sins and gave my life to Jesus Christ, who died so that I could be forgiven, and I abandoned the practice of witchcraft. I always ask my children to read the Bible to me. It brings me comfort and gives secure direction for our lives.

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