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Supporting the missionaries


I am André, born in Pernambuco, married to Polinne, born in Paraná, and we live in João Pessoa/PB. We understand that the fields are white ready for harvest and we are hearing the call of the Lord.

In July, we travelled by plane, by car, and ten hours by boat to reach Pauiní/AM, where we spent three weeks of our vacation, “spying out the land”, supporting the EMAF missionaries, Eduardo and Donária.

We preached the Gospel in four Riverside communities along the Purus river. Our means of transport was a boat, that was “our home” as well, during the voyages.

In each Community, in the morning, we organized activities with the children. Polinne prayed, played a game to break the ice, sang with them, told Bible stories and played games. In the afternoon we visited the families in which there was someone already converted. At night we took part in the meetings, sharing the Good News and encouraging the brothers to go forth in the Faith, serving Christ.

We believe that the objective was reached. Our visit to Pauini was to “spy out the land” and we were shown the need of planting a church that teaches the Bible as the principle for each individual life, and the Community. It was an experience that deeply touched our lives, to know a people so receptive and joyful, although needy, and thirsty to know God.

May we live for the glory of the Lord and keep announcing the Gospel until He returns!

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