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That's it!!!

We spent eight days in February at the village of Vila Dedé. During this time four people decided to follow Christ. This is what happened...

Soon after the discipleship meeting at the home of sister Creuza, we were about to leave when her two children, a young man and a girl, called us and said they wanted to follow Jesus as well. We talked about the Grace of God, we prayed together and they gave their lives to Christ.

One morning, very early, I went to visit Vangerlan and his three children; his wife was not at home. We talked for one hour about his doubts concerning the Bible. Then he said, "That´s it!" I asked "What's it?" He answered, " I want to be a disciple of Jesus! I want to give my life to Him." Immediately we prayed together and thanked God for His faithfulness.

Posterially, one afternoon, while I was at the community school, Junior, a young man whom I had already talked to about the Gospel, called me and said, "Paulo, I want to give my life to Jesus. I sat down with him, talked more about the Plan of God, and he said it was what he wanted. So we prayed.

Missionaries Paulo and Yasmin | EMAF AM | Pauini Base

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