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The beautiful equation between social isolation and missions

It is interesting how in everything there is a counterpoint in life...

The isolation of the subsistance fishermen who live along the coast and the rivers of the Brazilian Amazon, is usually seen as a great disadvantage, mainly because urban benefits rarely are experienced by them. However, in these days of sickness spreading rapidly around the world, isolation has become a protection!

The communities are like large families. As there is assurance that no one is contaminated, life goes on without any changes in the most remote villages.

The EMAF missionaries have worked a lot during this time. Eight percent of our workers work at the National Base and continue serving the whole organization faithfully, some of them working from their homes.

Seventeen per cent of the workers need to leave their bases to minister to their goal communities. These have found creative ways to keep in contact with the natives, sending them letters or audio messages recorded on small devices with data chips. We have received answers from the folk in the villages, some quite touching. Some tell us of how much they have been blessed with the Biblical messages and others thankful for the clear instructions about behaviour in these days of imminent threat to health. This goup of missionaries is also taking advantage of the time for maintenance work that they rarely have time to do, on the mission bases as well as on the vessels. Most interesting is that seventy five percent of our missionaries live in the communities that are being reached, helping the folk with registration and access to the aid offered by the federal government in this time of crisis. Many have already been benefitted. These missionaries of ours have become one with the natives. They take part in everything that happens in the locale and are free to minister in these days of peace and confidence to some, and uncertainty and anguish to others. The Word of God is not trapped. It continues being ministered and is bearing fruit in dozens of communities.

Some recent actions and results:

  • Baptisms in the State of Piauí two days ago;

  • Ministrations of missions to various churches through internet this week;

  • Distribution daily of food to hundreds of children of our projects, in four communities of two states;

  • EMAF has been an “arm” to other organizations that want to help these needy people, but don’t have access to them;

  • Work on the construction of six multiuse buildings (church, social centre and Project with children), being: two in villages of Amapá, two in Amazonas, one in SP and one in Piauí. There are two more constructions in their initial stage, one in Piauí and the other in Maranhão;

  • Renovation of the sports court of the “Aces for Life” in Afuá (AM) and Ariri (SP);

  • Intermediate sale of products produced by natives of various communities of Piauí, so they do not need to go to the towns;

  • The workers of the base are working on three projects to acquire donations of basic food baskets for more than 7.600 families – please pray about this now!

  • In the midst of all these “difficulties”, two days ago we received one more missionary couple for EMAF in the state of Maranhão. Welcome Esdras and Gaby!

Thank you very much for being a part of this great team, that has not given up in the face of so many difficulties, that has decided to honour Jesus with favourable breezes or contrary winds. May God continue blessing and protecting their loved ones.

Let us go on together! The Spirit of God does not stop working and there is still a lot to be done.

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