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The construction of a multifunctional area


At Ilha Grande dos Paulinos there are about 120 residents, mostly crab fishers. It is a difficult Community to reach, without electricity, basic sanitation, and facing various difficulties, on the Delta do Parnaíba.

We initiated the process of planting a church there in June of 2017, sending workers to live in the village. Two missionaries are heading the ministry, living in a house given by the residents and holding meetings in a shed. Many people come to the meetings and four of them have been baptized. Please pray that this church will grow and strengthen on Ilha Grande dos Paulinos, with local leadership steady in the faith and filled with wisdom.

The Lord sent a partner to help with the construction of a multifunctional area on Ilha Grande, and we began the work this month, with the intention of finishing it by the end of the year.

The locale will serve as a place for meetings and Community meetings, implementing the educational Project My Little Fish, that will care for 25 children from 4 to 12 years of age, with tutoring, teaching the Word of God, meals, dental assistance, and other activities that contribute to their development.

The communities where we have established My Little Fish, notoriously, enjoy a more tranquil youth and with less incidents of vice, such as drink, drugs and juvenile prostitution. Besides the construction, we need the resources for installations, and people to sponsor the children.

Come with us! Let us go together, and cross over to the other side!

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