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The ‘Farinhada’ is a busy time for the Riverside folk.

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The ‘Farinhada’ is a busy time for the Riverside folk and also a time of fun and unity among the families. Father, mother and children unite to make flour for the family. Sometimes friends and parents join in and, in the end, share the produce.

Flour is one of the main staple foods for Riverside families, so the time of the “farinhada” is very important, as it guarantees sustenance for the whole year.

Nothing else is done during the “farinhada”, no one is distracted by other activities. It is a race against time. The river is filling up and it is necessary to remove the manioc from the beach and roast it, because the river water does not wait, it comes up slowly and all of a sudden it has reached the flour house. Focus, strength and determination are needed to make the most flour possible so the family will be supplied for the whole year.

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