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The growth of the Kingdom of God among the Riverside folk along the Purus river.


Four years of work among the Riverside folk along the Purus river, AM, have gone by, All of them challenging and not lacking in obstacles: lack of boats, resources, persons and structture, but, overall experiencing the miracles of God.

2019 was no different. We were blessed by an international partner that supplied all the fuel for the 5 bases, and we were able to reach distant places, adding to our outreach. from 20 to 32 communities, enabling us to remain more time in the commnities, sharing the love of Christ with more intensity.

We used the two ‘houseboats’, of 13 metres, with kitchen and bathroom, that we built with the help of many people and institutions. We are still working on the final adjustments, but they are being used monthly to transport our missionary and volunteer teams. These boats are essential to reach the most distant villages.

The fruit of this was impressive. Through the moving of the Holy Spriti, whole communties were transformed. Some, with zdepressing history of alcohol abuse and violence, today exhale the perfume of Christ and are noticed by the neighbouring communities. In each one of them small churches of Faith are being born, people giving their lives to Christ and developing a real relationship with the Creator.

We also developed social projects in order to acquire social justice among the Riverside folk. The response was so positive that we have expanded our actions into the new year. The soccer Project sub 13, in Foz de Tapauá, has featured significant growth. We started out with 12 boys and today we have 40 enthusiastic players. The intercommunity games present a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel. In another region we initiated the sewing Project with 8 women, thereby improving the family income.

We are working on launching the Project ‘Sobre as Águas’ (On the Waters), a school to prepare native leaders to pastor churches in their communities.

We praise God for doing this beautiful work of salvation among the Riverside folk, and allowing us the privilege of being His helpers. We thank all of you who are involved in this mission, be it missionary, intercessor or contributor. May God bless you generously in your labour.

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