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The hope Jesus offers never ends


My name is José. I never had any hope in my life. I was controlled by drugs, drink and wrong relationships. Once I was almost killed and a short time later, my mothr passed away. I felt lost, with no desire to live.

Some one would always share the Gospel with me, and after an invitation to take part in a meeting, I started to go to church, in Ariri. One day I understood the Gospel, and gave my life to God, was baptized and, afterwards, walked firmly with Jesus.

God has done miracles in my life. In 2016 I was diagnosed with câncer. I went through surgery and continue being accompanied by the doctors. Exams attest that the tumor doesn’t exist anymore.

I praise God who gave me life in abundance. I am married and have a daughter; we three serve the Lord with the certainty that the hope that Jesus offers never fails to those who put their trust in HIM!

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