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The right moment

I am 20 years old. I was born and live in Kacuri, along the river Purus. Since the missionaries arrived here, in 2016, I have taken part in the meetings that they hold in the Community, but it is only a few months since I understood the Gospel and believed in Christ.

Sometimes, when missionary Jaime would ask if there was anyone who wished to give his life to Christ, I felt the urge, but did not have the courage, so I waited for the ‘right moment’. Until one day, I could not wait anymore, I could not resist the voice that called me. And it wasn’t the missionary’s voice. I already knew it was the voice of God.

I called my sister and my brother in law, who already followed Jesus and asked them to tell me more about Him. I asked questions and while we talked the missionary arrived. I looked well into his eyes and said that I wanted to give my life to Jesus. He answered,, “’Lets do it!” And, we prayed.

Since that day, I have lived another story, with Christ!

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