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My name is Bryan Oliveira, I am 20 years old. I was born in São Paulo, but I live in Rio do Sul/SC and congregate at Igreja Evangélica Luterana (Lutheran Evangelical Church), serving as youth leader.

Since I heard missionary Oscar speak about EMAF ministry, I was very curious to know more and encouraged with the possibility of knowing this ministry in the Amazon. God directed everything and we went in a group of five to spend ten days on the field at the EMAF base at Lábrea.

I had never done anything like this before, or travelled to a place like this one. I had doubts and fears, but I can say that it was one of the best things I have ever done, after accepting Jesus into my life. I came with the intention of sharing the love of God and left with more of this Love, because of the way we were received,, and the cared for, by the missionareis. I learned a lot from each one of them.

In the communities, being able to show the Love of God, by means of music, games and words that are simple but transforming, is priceless. To see the affection that the Riverside folk have for the team and the way they, quickly, learn to love us, is deeply moving.

To be able to be a part of the great commission, together with EMAF, obeying the ‘Go’ of God, is an extraordinary experience. I hope for more opportunities like this. We have many more Riverside communities to tell of the Lord of Jesus and I am sure that God has great things yet to be done.

So a tip: If you have the desire to do missions and do not know where to begin, as I did, come to EMAF and learn by practising.

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