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There is nothing better


Hello, I am seven years old, and I live in the Torto, a beautiful place, along the Delta do Parnaíba. I am a student at My Little Fish and I love the stories very much.

One day, the teacher told the story about Abraham and said that he was a friend of God. She asked the class if there was anyone who was a friend of God, My friends raised their hands and said they were. I did not raise my hand. The teacher noticed me, and I said that I did not know if I was a friend of God, but I wanted to be one. So, she explained about God’s plan of love, that through Jesus, we could be friends. We prayed and I asked Jesus to be my friend.

You know, people say that I am intelligent, hardworking, interested in knowing about things, but none of this is better than being a friend of God.

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