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There is rejoicing in the Heaven! Rejoicing in the house of the Father!

It is time to celebrate! It is Christmas!

Jesus came to us, died in our place, and opened the way back to God. Love reached us. We changed direction and nowwe go forward with Christ. For this reason we can enjoy life in the house of the Father.

And this Love poured out into our hearts pushes us toward people. We want many others to have true life. For this reason, we have gone out to meet subsistence fishermen and Riverside folk of Brazil, announcing the redeeming plan of the Lord. It is with joy that we experience, as one more Christams approaches, the presence of new brothers and sisters in our lives.

There is rejoicing in the Heaven! There is rejoicing in the house of the Father!

For this my son was dead and now lives, he was lost and is now found’. And they began to be merry. Luke 15.24

Reborn Leila, from Torto/PI, who was imprisoned by the vice of alcohol. She gave her life to Christ and changed radically. Through her testimony, a daughter and a son in law also were converted.

Reborn José, from Ariri/SP, who lived without hope, dominated by drugs. Understood the Gospel and walks firmly with Jesus. Faced cancer, but experiencing the Care of the Father. He testifies to the certainty that the hope that Jesus offers never ends for those who trust in Him!

Reborn Consul, from Rio Urucum/PA. Living wiyh the pain of losing a son, dead because of alcoholism, heard the missionaries proclaim the Word of God and believed. Jesus saved him, changed his heart, his life and his family. Now he has joy!

And many others reborn to the Glory and joy of the Father!

Thank you so much for your support and faithfulness in this ministry. Your participation has been an instrument of God in winning lives for Jesus.

This Christmas we wish for you and your family much celebration, joy, peace, and the enjoymennt of all the blessings of the sons of the Eternal. Merry Christmas!!!

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