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We suspended our trips to the villages. Instead, we are preparing letters and audios of encourgement and orientation to send to the communities where we work.

We will also distribute the radio transmissons with the narrated Bible, that we were given by a partner with the ICM, including in them messages with health advice and encouragement for our people.


At Afuá, with the My Sweet Home activities suspended, we are distributing food baskets to the families that are most needy.

At Bailique we continue the work of construction of the two multifunctional areas that are already ‘upright’: One at Freguesia and the other at Igarapé do Meio.


The missionaries that live in the villages are working, individually, encouraging and orienting the people, and supplying those who are needy. The brothers of Canárias continue with the construction of the multifunctional area at Passarinho and are already working on covering it with a roof.


We were with a team of volunteers from Paraná and São Paulo working on the island of Santa Bárbara, when the notice came to suspend all group . The group work was stopped and they have returned to their cities, after a blessed time with us.

New missionaries are supposed to be arriving to support the spreading of the Gospel in other areas.


The Community of Ariri is isolated and access via the highway has been impeded. Brothers from Ariri continue working on the construction of the temple, until the remaining material finishes, then they will have to wait.

The ‘Superstars for Life’ was suspended, but our missionaries continue serving God in the village. The agenda for teams has also been forwarded until things return to normal in the country.

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