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Though far away one from another...

April 2020 Informative

In times of quarantine, activities in groups have been suspended, but our care for the children and their families continues. We continue the ministry in the villages, blessing the people, giving advice, encouraging and donating food baskets to those who are needy. Here, we share what God has already given us, the privilege of living on the field.

Day Care, in Bahia – Partnership with Missão Pescadores (Fishermen Mission)

Many children live with fear of domestic violence and experience it daily. The father beats the mother, the screams and beatings block the children’s minds, keeping them from learning, it leads the teens to drugs and prostitution. Fear, due to poverty, leads people to not accept what is rightly theirs: public health, justice, benefits, and this generates a cycle of abandonment, more fear and poverty. God has used us to say: Do not be afraid! Jesus overcame death, He is alive, and gives us life eternal!

Sweet Home, Amapá

Kevellyn is one of the children that God gave us to take care of. When she arrived at Sweet Home she was seven years old and is soon going to be twelve. Her parents are not Christians and live a troubled marriage. She takes part in church, even without their consent, and has been a witness in her home. Her mother always talks about her obedience and help in the housework, and care for her sisters. She decided that she wants to be baptized this year. Her parents are giving their permission, but her mother tried to convince her not to do it, arguing that her daughter ‘would not be able to have fun’, but she has been firm and said that she wants to affirm her commitment with God, through baptism, and wants everyone to see that she chose the Lord Jesus.

Sweet Home, Pará

Our team decided, this year, to develop a theme about the universe of the children - The Super-heroes - working with a contemporary version about the “Biblical heroes”. Whether in the Bible, or in the world of the super heroes, we can see, without difficulty, who are the heroes and who are the villains, and their temperaments. Based on this, we seek to teach, in a playful and comparative way, showing that in the Word of God we find people like us (with needs, defects, etc) who encounter a solution for all their problems in God. The main focus continues being leading our children to a personal encounter with the greatest Heroe of all, Our Lord Jesus Christ

My Little Fish, Piauí

We are planning to plant the My Little Fish project in the Community of Passarinho, where there are 250 inhabitants without the Gospel. In 2005 they denied our entrance there. As they have been facing a serious drinking water problem, with the help of partners, we dug a semi artesian well that, for the glory of God, gave forth excellent quality water. Through this action the doors opened and they have allowed the missionaries to live there. We have obtained resources for the construction of a multifunctional base that will attend 40 children in the My Little Fish Project, and where church meetings will be held.

Let us commit ourselves so that our arms, even in these difficult days, will continue to embrace our people on the islands and along the river banks. After all, even far from one another, “it is important that we make Christ known.”

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