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We are grateful to all who took part in this campaign and those who contributed financially.

On the other side... Campo Piauí

May your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven”. Matthew 5.16

Teams of Volunteers Many volunteers have joined in this work; teams from neighboring regions who have blessed this region and returned, changed, to their towns, having seen the great needs in which the people live on the island.

The Evangelical Christian Church of Sobral/CE, came to all the villages and helped us to distribute presents to the children. These presents come every year, thanks to the help of another church, the First Baptist Church of São Vicente/SP that, annually, gives gifts to the children of the Delta.

Community of Torto We received the Athletes for Christ ministry of Teresina/PI that held different sports activities, taking advantage of this time to share the Gospel in the community.

A dental team went into action and many children were assisted with fillings, cleaning and extractions. Lectures on prevention, with puppet shows, instructed the mothers and children about oral health.

We also helped the folk with the construction of a “trapiche” (walkway) – a wooden structure that enables the entrance and exit of the inhabitants, without stepping in mud. The Community helped with the work and we helped by donating the material. We are grateful to everyone who took part in this campaign and to those who help financially for this ministry to continue blessing these folk!

Prayer requests:

- For the planting of a church on Barrinha Island.

- For the complement of the support of native missionaries.

- For our family.

Glauber Fortes Director EMAF Piauí Feb/2019

Photos: Comunicando Cristo

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