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We believe in the conversion of these people.


We began the year with many health problems.

Isaac Gabriel, our son, who became sick in January, with lumps on his body. At times we would go to the doctor seeking a solution and the problem was not identified. This period was very wearing as Isaac scratched himself a lot, making sores on his body.

Thanks to God, last month we were able to find the correct medication. The sickness was identified as Topical Dermatites, a chronic disease, that needs constant treatment. And I, for months have suffered with severe back pain, that began when I used force to push the boat. I am recovering, to the glory of God!


Leandro and Deuza, since last year, have taken part in our couples' meetings. They do not miss any meetings, are very attentive and take part in the discussions, and slowly have been going to the church meetings. The couple Querido and Vera also take part in various programmes of the church and it is interesting to see how they are serving. They are excellent cooks and whenever we receive people or teams they always offer to help us. We pray and believe in their conversion.

On Saturdays we hold evangelism meetings at a local church. On one of these visits we went to Mr José Maria's home; he is over 60 and lives alone, totally isolated, near a channel that is quite far from the community. He was deeply touched with the Word that we shared and said that early that day he had heard the same message over the radio.

Morro do Meio, a village with 17 families, that we also reached, has received the Gospel with gfreat joy. We believe in the conversion of these people.

During three days, we received a team of 12 persons from São Paulo, and shortly afterwards a couple of brothers coming from a seminary in Paraíba, to look over the field with the intention of returning with a team at the end of the year. And lastly, we received, for some days, two sisters from Parnaíba/PI, who want to serve as missionaries.

We want to thank our brothers and cooperators who have blessed us with contributions and prayer. God bless you greatly!

Prayer Requestss

For my health and for resources for the treatment of my son Isaac Gabriel.

For the conversion of the two couples cited above, and Mr José Maria.

For the health of my mother (eyesight) and my mother in law.

For conversions at Morro do Meio.

With loving care,

Missias and Hozana!

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