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We Don´t Need to Fear! Jesus Is In Control!

God called us to the ministry to expand His Kingdom among the fishermen and riverside folk of Brazil. As missionaries, supporters, intercessors, voluntary cooperators,, we follow the Master. The challenges are great and the resources are insufficient. Humanly speaking sometimes we fear in the face of the turbulence.

With the moral, econiomic and political crisis we face, some have lost sight of the goal, left off supporting missions financially and care only for themselves.

We still need to reach 300 communities along the coast and another thousand villages along the Purus River that have no knowledge of the Gospel of Christ.

Our generation needs to be rescued from the darkness. We need to open the way for children to run to the arms of Jesus.

Families suffer from lack of basic resources such as health, food, homes, education and work. We should practise love making the resources accessible.

At this time we hear Jesus ask, "Why are you so afraid?"

We don´t need to fear! Jesus is in control! Nothing takes our Lord by surprise. He continues calming the storms, performing miracles!

Look at what He has done in the last months!

In Amapá a team of medical volunteers attended to the needs of 1462 people, with another 400 ultrassound exams. Another thousand people heard the Word of God.

In Piauí we dug a well in the Passarinho village, that was without drinking water, thereby benefitting 40 families. And we baptized 7 people from 3 different communities.

The Maranhão base began with one missionary couple, then in the last few months grew to 4 missionary couples.

In São Paulo, brothers from the village of Arirí shared what they had and helped build a house for a woman who was living in precarious conditions.

In the Amazon we received two new couples of trainees to work in the region of Pauini, in cooperation with our local missionaries.

In the face of this and so many other manifestations of the power of God, we worship, perplexed, "Who is this that even the winds and the sea obey?" Matthew 8

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