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We have not ministered in vain

MISSIONARY LETTER Conceição, Piauí Field

“Great things has the Lord done for us, and we are filled with joy”.

Psalm 126.3

Grace and peace my brothers!

I am very happy to write about the wonders that the Lord has done in the lives of the children of My Little Fish. They memorize the stories and verses that we teach them, and this is the reason for our great joy, because it is the assurance that we have not ministered in vain. Ana Beatriz, after the devotional, said:

“Teacher, when I grow up I want to be a missionary like you, I want to share the Word of God with other children”.

Every Monday we visit the mothers of the students. It is a precious time when the mothers share their difficulties and we have the opportunity to preach the Gospel and pray with them. We prepare a meeting of praise to God for the lives of the mothers, with many mothers present. The students present a beautiful dance that we prepare together.

I thank all those who contribute to the development of the My Little Fish project. Please continue praying for us, and for the children, so they will be transformed day by day and come to know the Lord Jesus.

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