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What love is this?

I left the South and crossed over to another part of the country. I left the cold climate, that I loved, and exchanged it for the heat of the North. I left the comfort of home, to sleep in hammocks and live in a boat for days. I left a time for vacation to serve the Lord in Purus/AM, to obey the mission He left us in Matthew 28:19: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in th name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

I write as I watch the beauiful creation of God, on the banks of the Purus river, seeing how the colours make the sky so beauiful at sunset, while the dolphins dance on the water.

Our team, five people from Rio do Sul/SC, worked in two communities: Laranjeiras and Irajá. We experienced the hand of God in each place with its peculiarities, different ways of evangelizing, other routine, other traditions, but still with something in common, people thirsty for the Word of God.

For some time I have been waiting for an answer to prayer, about the will of God for my life. Even without a clear answer about the next step, I know that there is nothing more needy or pleasant, than serving the Kingdom of God, doing what is eternal.

God, in His grace, overcame whatever idea I had before arriving here, and surprised me. In each detail He showed me His love and care, through His sovereignty and great simplicity. He used little things, such as ourselves, for His honour and glory and transformed and molded our hearts according to His will.

What love is this? Love that we cannot understand.

Julia Andressa Vieira

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